New program can save dental students a year of studies, tuition

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Pittsburg State University (Pitt State) and Kansas City University (KCU) have introduced a new accelerated program to save medical and dental students both time and money, allowing them to enter the healthcare field faster.

The Accelerated Medical Path Undergraduate Program (AMP-UP) begins in fall 2024 and aims to be beneficial for addressing the demand for healthcare professionals in rural areas like Southeast Kansas and Southwest Missouri.

The program is open to eligible freshmen at Pitt State. KCU-Joplin will reserve 25 seats in its college of osteopathic medicine and 10 seats in the college of dental medicine for AMP-UP students.

Upon reaching 90 credit hours and fulfilling the prerequisites, AMP-UP students can transition to KCU-Joplin or opt to attend KCU's Kansas City campus. KCU, known for its substantial class size and production of physicians for Missouri and Kansas, offers extensive rural healthcare training, according to the university.  

After completing the first year, students earn a bachelor's degree from Pitt State. The subsequent three years focus on medical or dental school, emphasizing clinical training, research, and specialized coursework.

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