Podcast: 5 main areas to assess when purchasing a dental practice

When purchasing a new dental practice, there are plenty of questions that can arise ... and plenty of critical things that can be overlooked.

With that in mind, in this episode of "The DrBicuspid.com Podcast," Kevin Henry and Tim Palmer, a territory manager for A-dec in Southern Texas and Southern Louisiana, discuss exactly what to look for when purchasing a new dental practice. They covered topics such as the financial health of the practice, the patient base, software compatibility, radiology equipment, mechanical room equipment, the sterilization area, and treatment rooms.

Tim PalmerTim Palmer.

Palmer emphasized the importance of involving the dental team in the decision-making process and considering the overall vision for the practice. Additionally, A-dec offers resources and tools to help dentists make informed decisions when purchasing dental equipment, such as the ROI Calculator and information on the total cost of ownership.

Podcast takeaways

  • When purchasing a dental practice, it is important to consider the financial health of the practice and its patient base.

  • Evaluate the compatibility of the existing software and radiology equipment with your clinical needs and digital workflow.

  • Pay attention to the condition and maintenance of the mechanical room equipment, such as the air compressor and vacuum.

  • Ensure that the sterilization area is well-designed, clean, and compliant with U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards.

  • Consider the efficiency and functionality of the treatment rooms, including the equipment and overall workflow.

  • Involve the dental team in the decision-making process and prioritize their input.

  • Have a clear vision for the practice and dedicate time to work on the practice's growth and development.

  • A-dec offers resources and tools, such as a booklet on buying dental equipment and ROI calculators, to assist dentists in making informed decisions.

Podcast chapters

00:00 -- Introduction and background of Tim Palmer
02:13 -- Choosing a practice based on its financial health and patient base
06:00 -- The importance of mechanical room equipment
08:14 -- Evaluating treatment rooms for efficiency and functionality
10:14 -- Involving the dental team in decision-making
12:58 -- Having a clear vision for practice growth
15:56 -- Final thoughts and conclusion

You can listen to this episode of "The DrBicuspid.com Podcast," as well as past episodes, by clicking here. Additionally, you can click the Play button below to hear my conversation with Palmer.

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