Cellerant CEO series: Dr. Amreesh Khanna on AI in dentistry, dentists becoming entrepreneurs

In this episode of the Cellerant CEO podcast series, powered by DrBicuspid, Dr. Amreesh Khanna, the founder and CEO of OraQ, discussed the importance of the entrepreneur mindset in dentistry. He explained how OraQ aims to drive precision care and increase case acceptance through artificial intelligence technology.

Dr. Amreesh KhannaDr. Amreesh Khanna.

Dr. Khanna emphasized the significance of total patient care and the integration of medical and dental aspects. He also highlighted the role of the dental team in implementing and utilizing the technology effectively.

Additionally, Dr. Khanna shared his personal journey as a dentist and business owner and the impact it has had on the genesis of his company. He emphasized the importance of core values and the value of learning from other business leaders.

"When it comes to evaluating a patient thoroughly, we all bring a certain lens, as I call it, to that experience, right? And some of us look at the patients in a certain way, where we have certain areas of interest," Dr. Khanna said.

"So, for example, a doctor's really into Invisalign, so we're going to be kind of looking and mining for those ortho patients, right? I'm into implants, so I'm looking for the surgery patients and so on. So whatever has come our way along our practice journey or has guided our CE journey often shapes that lens, right?" Khanna said.

"There's so much more though sometimes to that patient. How can we be experts in everything? But if we could bring the mind and the wisdom of it, as I call it, of a thousand dentists to every patient relationship, regardless of what our areas of interest are or experience level is, whether we are a new grad or we have been out for 30 years, now we have the opportunity to look at that patient holistically. And holistic patient care for us is really about a medically integrated system, so the oral-systemic health connection. How do we understand that integration between medical and dental, then at everything from a full scope, from bite to sleep apnea?" he said.

You can watch my entire interview with Dr. Khanna below.

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