CAO Group previews digital vision headset at CDA

The Hubble digital vision headset from the CAO Group.
The Hubble digital vision headset from the CAO Group.
Image courtesy of the CAO Group.

The CAO Group will preview its digital vision headset, Hubble, at the California Dental Association's CDA Presents the Art and Science of Dentistry meeting, which will be held May 18-20 in Anaheim.

The battery-operated headset functions as multiple devices -- a microscope, optical loupe, headlight, digital camera, and intraoral camera -- within one device.

The device, which can be controlled with a remote or a foot switch, has the following features:

  • One to 20 times magnification with 2K image quality
  • A microdisplay view window
  • An intuitive user graphic interface for device status, patient record management, and device navigation
  • High-intensity, true-color LED that can be adjusted based on application preference
  • A view field that can be wirelessly projected to a TV monitor
  • On-command documentation, including imaging and video recording
  • The ability to broadcast live

Additionally, documents can be stored automatically in a local security digital card or sent to secured cloud storage. Initially, 10GB of cloud storage is provided free of charge, and a subscription service is available for additional storage. CAO said it will start taking preorders on May 18, and devices will be shipped around the fourth quarter of 2023.


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