Do's and don'ts for team building

In a world where team members can find a new position very quickly, you must be proactive in developing an environment that creates a desire for team members to remain with the practice. This is an environment where team members would be upset at the very thought of having to leave the practice because they value and enjoy their job.

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Develop a well-run practice with great systems. The better your systems are, the better the practice will run and operate and be more enjoyable for the team. Systems are also the training program for current and new team members. In the event that you do add a new team member, excellent systems offer the fastest way to train them. If you have the right systems and they are followed, you will have an outstanding practice.

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Don't forget about being an exemplary leader. Levin Group asks each client to identify five specific characteristics they want to see in their team. This list of characteristics can include honesty, integrity, dedication, helpfulness, and positivity. Pick one characteristic a week for five weeks and add it to your leadership persona. By putting this into practice, you will gradually become the leader that many team members will want to stay with long-term.

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