DSO Deep Dive: Deepening the understanding of the dentist's transition process

On the latest episode of "The DrBicuspid.com Podcast," author Kim McCleskey returns to dive deeper into her recent article on "Choosing the Right DSO: A Guide to Matching Your Transition Goals With the Ideal Partner."

Kim McCleskey.Kim McCleskey.

One thing I love to do with authors is ask them to explain further one of the points made in a previous article, and McCleskey expanded on the importance of a dentist building sustainable growth. As she noted in her previous article, "For those seeking sustainable growth, joint ventures and equity rolls are strategic options that offer practitioners access to financing for expansion."

Podcast takeaways

  • Understanding the seller's objectives and goals is crucial in dental practice transitions.

  • Choosing the right DSO requires matching transition goals with the ideal partner.

  • Deepening the understanding of the transition process is valuable for both buyers and sellers.

  • The optimal outcome in a dental practice transition is one that aligns with the goals of all parties involved.

  • Sustainable growth in dental practices requires understanding the goals and expectations of dentists.

  • Collaboration and finding solutions that don't require working harder are key to achieving sustainable growth.

  • Managing expenses and improving earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) margin are important factors that affect growth.

  • A comprehensive understanding of the options and strategies available can help dentists make informed decisions for sustainable growth.

  • Selling a dental practice to a DSO doesn't mean completely washing your hands of the practice.

  • Collaboration and execution are key for sustainable growth in dental practices.

  • Understanding the concept of an equity role can help dentists make informed decisions about selling or partnering with a DSO.

  • The changing landscape of dentistry requires dentists to adapt and stay informed. Dentists have different goals and motivations that influence their decisions.

  • Understanding a dentist's ultimate outcome is crucial in providing the right guidance.

Other notes

You can hear McCleskey's thoughts on this subject and more by clicking the Play button below. This episode is sponsored by Garfield Refining. You can learn more about how Garfield works with DSOs by clicking here.

Kim McCleskey is a practice transition consultant with Professional Transition Strategies. She has worked in dentistry for 30 years and is a certified professional business coach. She can be reached at [email protected].

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