Woman with 3rd front tooth gets smile update

A TikTok user, whose smile was compared to that of actor Tom Cruise, has shared an update on TikTok after her earlier post about a dentist who gave her a third front tooth to close a gap went viral. Layla Muntas has finally ditched the extra chopper, according to a story published on November 18 in the U.S. Sun.

Layla Muntas said in an updated TikTok video, ''RIP fake third frontal tooth 17 November 2022 - 17 November 2023.” Throughout the year, her dentist shaved down the small tooth on both sides to get rid of the unusual extra tooth, according to the story. 

Muntas not only has a smaller tooth gap, but her teeth will continue to come together, thanks to her braces. Though she’s excited about entering what she called her “London look” phase, she has a bit of a wait before her smile makeover is complete. Her dentist won’t remove her braces for another three years, according to her TikTok account.

Her clip from 2022, which gained more than 37 million views, made her an online global sensation, especially since viewers compared her asymmetrical smile to that of Cruise. She jokingly dubbed the time in her life as her “skinny tooth era.”

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