Complaint leads dentist to relinquish his license

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A dentist in Florida voluntarily surrendered his dental license for administering general anesthesia to a patient with special needs and a history of seizures without having a proper permit, according to an order from the Florida Board of Dentistry.

Dr. Lawrence Duffy of the Center of General Anesthesia in Orlando, FL, agreed to surrender his license, stop practicing, and never seek a dental license in the state again, according to the order dated March 4.

In April 2019, a patient with disabilities who could not talk or walk and who had a history of seizures was reportedly taken to Duffy for multiple dental treatments, including extractions and restorations. Due to her medical history, the patient’s doctor gave medical clearance for the woman to receive general anesthesia, according to the order.

Duffy purportedly noted that he gave the woman ketamine at 10 a.m. and 2:50 p.m. Also, she was reportedly given 280 mg of propofol. The dentist did not specify the dose, time, route, and sequence of the anesthetic's administration.

Furthermore, Duffy purportedly failed to document whether the woman's vital signs were continuously monitored during the procedures, as well as her physical condition at discharge, whom she left with, and at what time. Additionally, he failed to obtain a permit prior to administering general anesthesia or deep sedation, according to the order.

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