Revolutionizing dental injections: The Balanced Pharma story

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In the world of dentistry, innovations that improve patient comfort and treatment efficiency are always welcome. One such innovation is poised to make waves in the industry in the near future. Dr. Scott Keadle, the founder and CEO of Balanced Pharma, recently shared insights about a groundbreaking dental anesthetics innovation in an interview on "The Podcast," recorded live at the Chicago Dental Society 2024 Midwinter Meeting.  

You can see the video interview with Dr. Keadle below.

Who is Balanced Pharma?

Balanced Pharma aims to revolutionize dental injections by making them less painful and faster-acting. Current dental anesthetics contain acid, which causes tissue irritation and delays the onset of the anesthetic effect.

Balanced Pharma is developing acid-free versions of these anesthetics that can provide a more comfortable and efficient numbing experience for patients. Notably, the Balanced Pharma products will be supplied in a standard dental cartridge, unlike prior attempts at solving this problem. Balanced Pharma plans to manufacture in a U.S. facility and gain full drug approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The impact on dentists and patients 

For dentists and dental hygienists, Balanced Pharma’s innovation represents a potential game changer. Dr. Keadle, a practicing dentist for more than 30 years, attests to the immediate and remarkable difference he has witnessed with acid-free injections. By reducing patient discomfort and accelerating the onset of anesthesia, Balanced Pharma is poised to enhance the overall dental experience for both providers and patients.

Investment and development 

Balanced Pharma's journey from concept to market availability for its products involves a substantial investment. Their initial funding includes almost $4 million from over 150 investors, most of whom are dentists and dental hygienists. This grassroots support underscores the industry's belief in the product's potential to address a longstanding challenge in dental care, and Dr. Keadle proudly states that "Balanced Pharma is a company founded by clinicians and committed to clinicians and their patients."

Future outlook

While Balanced Pharma’s products are still in development and not yet available for sale, Dr. Keadle is highly optimistic about the future and envisions a timeline of at least 33 months for their first pipeline product to be available to dentists and dental hygienists. Their ultimate goal is to use their patented platform to enhance dental and medical outcomes in a number of clinical areas and with a global distribution that benefits patients and providers worldwide. 


Balanced Pharma’s innovation will enable a significant advancement in dental care, with the potential to transform the way dental injections are administered and experienced. By addressing the pain and discomfort associated with traditional anesthetics, they believe they can improve patient outcomes and enhance the practice of dentistry.

As Dr. Keadle aptly puts it, "You want to be a hero to your patients, and we’re going to try to help you do that."

You can see more of Dr. Keadle’s thoughts below.

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