Elephant once owned by King of Pop recovering from dental surgery

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An African elephant once owned by pop star Michael Jackson that lived at Jackson's Neverland Ranch has successfully undergone dental surgery at his current home, the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens in Florida, according to multiple news reports.

International specialists from as far away as South Africa and India, along with 30 veterinarians and technicians, conducted the surgery on Ali’s infected right tusk.

This was the third procedure on the 34-year-old elephant’s tusk, which was removed completely this time to prevent the risk of further pain and to ensure the animal’s long-term health and well-being. The other procedures were conducted by an international team in 2019 and 2023.

The surgery on the 11,000-pound elephant lasted more than three hours. Additionally, the zoo’s dental team spent six months gathering proper supplies, specially elongated dental instruments, and modified anesthetic equipment, while training sessions were conducted to prepare the elephant, according to the stories.

Once he fully recovers, Ali will be reunited with the zoo’s two other African elephants, which are considered endangered due to ivory poaching and habitat loss.

In 1997, the King of Pop donated Ali, one of his elephants, to the zoo after he had outgrown Neverland Ranch in California, according to the stories.

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