U.S. dentists raised fees during recession
January 8, 2010 -- U.S. dentists charged more for many common procedures at the beginning of 2009 than they charged two years before when the economy was in better shape, an ADA survey found. Read More
Another dentist sues reviewers
January 5, 2010 -- Following in the virtual tracks of a Foster City, CA, dentist who made headlines last year, San Francisco dentist Gelareh Rahbar, D.D.S., is suing two patients for their harsh comments about her on the consumer review Web site Read More
Productivity tops list of dental trends for 2010
January 5, 2010 -- Every year about this time, pundits the world over do their best to predict what the coming 12 months might bring. So what's in store for dentistry in 2010? Read More
Study: Raisins less harmful to teeth than traditionally believed
December 30, 2009 -- Raisins may be sticky and sweet, but they're not as bad for teeth as you might think, according to a study that looked at the sugar content of raisins in some cereals. Read More
Australian dentist sued for doing too many root canals
December 29, 2009 -- An Australian dentist who left a patient a "dental cripple" after performing unnecessary root canals on all 28 of the man's teeth has been fined $345,000 ($309,000 U.S.) and may lose his license. Read More
2009 brought disruption to dentistry
December 28, 2009 -- That howling noise the dental community heard throughout 2009 came from the winds of change, as technological innovation, the healthcare crisis, and tough economic conditions combined to test many of the profession's long-standing traditions. Read More
U.S. Senate votes botax out, dental therapists in
December 22, 2009 -- A compromise amendment to the U.S. Senate healthcare bill would allow dental health aide therapists to practice outside Alaska where supported by new state or federal law and eliminate the proposed "botax" on cosmetic procedures. The amendment would also extend the Children's Health Insurance Program to 2015. Read More
Study finds over 9,000 genes involved in gingivitis
December 22, 2009 -- Nearly one-third of the human genome is involved with the onset and healing process associated with gingivitis, according to a new study in the Journal of Periodontology. This finding could aid in the development of new treatment approaches. Read More
Studies highlight danger of CT scans
December 21, 2009 -- Two studies published last week in the Archives of Internal Medicine found that medical multislice computed tomography (CT) scans cause much more cancer than previously estimated. They also give impetus to efforts dental organizations have undertaken to reduce patients' exposure to x-rays. Read More
Should dental offices screen patients for diabetes?
December 18, 2009 -- Two recent studies suggest that adding diabetes screening to a dental visit can enhance detection of this disease and, thus, improve overall patient care. Will more medical diagnostics become standard practice in the dental office? Read More
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