AACR show report: Dentists balk at cancer screenings
April 15, 2008 -- Dentists don't want to spend time screening patients for oral cancer because they're not sure how to do it properly -- or how to make money from it, researchers said at the American Association for Cancer Research annual meeting here.  Discuss
Removing amalgam cures ills -- but so does healthy living
April 11, 2008 -- Can you cure your patients' nagging headaches, skin diseases, and other maladies by removing their amalgam (mercury) fillings? You might, suggests a new German study in the April issue of the Journal of Dental Research.  Discuss
'Swish and spit' test offers early detection of oral cancer
April 11, 2008 -- A new "swish and spit" method, developed at the University at Buffalo and Roswell Park Cancer Institute in New York, has joined the slew of diagnostic methods that aim to detect oral cancer at an early stage.  Discuss
Survey: Dentistry demand dropping
April 11, 2008 -- The demand for dentistry -- particularly expensive procedures -- may slow down over the next few months, according to a survey by financial advisory company Robert W. Baird.  Discuss
Cone-beam CT findings raise liability questions
April 9, 2008 -- Cone-beam CT (CBCT) scans can tell you a lot more than just where to put an implant: They also reveal serious medical problems no one suspected. But the new ability to spot these signs may come with new legal liability.  Discuss
Arginine candies may reduce caries
April 9, 2008 -- Candies containing a novel formula of arginine bicarbonate and calcium carbonate reduced decayed, missing, and filled surfaces by two thirds in a new study on children's molars.  Discuss
Oral cancer risks higher
April 9, 2008 -- More patients may be at risk of oral cancer than previously believed, warn Delta Dental of Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana. The three companies are collaborating on an Oral Cancer Awareness Week campaign.  Discuss
Making the leap to digital x-ray: Part II
April 7, 2008 -- Digital x-ray technology has come of age. But making the move from film to digital can go awry if you don't carefully research your options. In this second article in a series, you'll learn about how to buy, prep, and more.  Discuss
AADR show report: New drug promising for Sjögren's
April 4, 2008 -- DALLAS - Dry mouth can devastate patients and frustrate dentists. So the report of a promising new treatment excited researchers attending the American Association for Dental Research annual meeting here today.  Discuss
AADR show report: Lasers may fry pulp, scorch dentin
April 3, 2008 -- Lasers offer many advantages in cavity preparation, but even at recommended settings, they may kill pulp and weaken dentin.  Discuss
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