Dentists not following antibiotic prescribing guidelines
January 6, 2012 -- The antibiotic prescribing practices of dentists for odontogenic infections in children do not appear to be in line with recommended professional guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the ADA, according to a survey in the January Journal of the American Dental Association.  Discuss
Probiotic ice cream may help fight caries
January 5, 2012 -- An Indian study that evaluated the effects of probiotic ice cream on bacteria associated with saliva yielded promising results. While little research has been conducted on the potential for foods containing probiotics, the new findings suggest this approach to battling demineralization and caries warrants a deeper look.  Discuss
Fake ADA invoices being faxed to dentists
January 4, 2012 -- The ADA is warning members to be on the lookout for fraudulent invoices for membership dues that are being faxed to dental offices by a Massachusetts company that has no affiliation with the ADA.  Discuss
More U.S. periodontists offering IV sedation
January 4, 2012 -- The American Academy of Periodontology's efforts to increase IV sedation training in postgraduate programs in the 1990s have resulted in a greater comfort level among newer doctors and increased adoption of the practice as a result.  Discuss
Fla. dental board opts for regional testing, reciprocity
January 3, 2012 -- Despite opposition from some members of the Florida Dental Association, the Florida Board of Dentistry has voted to switch to a regional testing system, joining the majority of states with reciprocal agreements that allow out-of-state dentists to practice there.  Discuss
Dental Heroes: Dr. Terry Tanaka
January 3, 2012 -- The California Dental Association Foundation has honored Dr. Terry Tanaka of the University of Southern California with its 2011 Humanitarian Award for his decades of work treating thousands of poor children with cleft palate and related conditions.  Discuss
NHL dentist saves teeth on and off the ice
December 30, 2011 -- Being the official dentist for a National Hockey League (NHL) team certainly has its challenges, according to Dr. Thomas Lenz, who has filled that role with the Washington Capitals since 2005. But it offers many benefits as well.  Discuss
Tongue and tonsil cancer patients surviving longer
December 29, 2011 -- The five-year survival rate of U.S. patients with cancer of the base of the tongue or tonsils improved significantly between 1980 and 2002, according to a study in Cancer Causes & Control. Male patients fared better than females regardless of age, but patients with subsequent multiple cancers showed no overall survival improvement.  Discuss
IMRT, laser surgery improves survival in head/neck cancer
December 29, 2011 -- The combination of functional resection laser surgery and intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) treatment is more effective at extending the lives of patients with advanced head and neck cancers than having only radiotherapy treatment, according to a study by German researchers.  Discuss
Dentistry 2011: Another year of challenge and change
December 28, 2011 -- From the impact of the economic recession on patient visits and access to care to the growing prevalence of social media and debates over what treatments dental professionals should and shouldn't provide, 2011 was quite a year for dentistry.  Discuss
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