Does perio disease affect pregnancy outcomes or not?
December 20, 2010 -- Periodontal treatment during pregnancy does not reduce the risks of preterm birth and low birth weight, a new meta-analysis in the Journal of the American Dental Association has found. But the debate is far from over.  Discuss
AAOMR president: NY Times CBCT article hits the mark
December 17, 2010 -- The recent New York Times article that questions the safety of cone-beam CT (CBCT) should be applauded because it poses questions that are relevant to the safety of dentistry's most vulnerable patients when it comes to radiation exposure: children.  Discuss
NHS to reward U.K. dentists for quality, not quantity, of care
December 17, 2010 -- The U.K. Department of Health is working to develop a new dental contract that will improve the quality of patient care and increase access to National Health Service (NHS) dental services.  Discuss
FDA panel calls for more research of amalgam risks
December 16, 2010 -- Labeling for dental amalgam should more clearly inform dental practitioners and their patients of the potential risks posed by the mercury it contains, an expert panel advised the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) during the second day of a two-day public hearing this week.  Discuss
NC physicians boost Medicaid kids' oral care access
December 15, 2010 -- Ten years after launching a program that reimburses primary care physicians for delivering preventive oral health care to Medicaid children, North Carolina has seen a significant increase in the number of practitioners offering these services and the number of kids receiving them.  Discuss
FDA panel begins dental amalgam scrutiny
December 14, 2010 -- Amalgam opponents spent the first day of a two-day FDA meeting called to re-examine the safety of this restorative material questioning the existing research and demanding more government regulation. Will the agency's findings put an end to the debate, once and for all?  Discuss
Patient compliance with retainers declines over time
December 14, 2010 -- A new study that followed 428 orthodontic patients for two years after debonding has found that although compliance rates tended to decrease over time, most patients continued to wear their retainers at least one night per week.  Discuss
WHO report lays groundwork for amalgam use-reduction laws
December 13, 2010 -- The World Health Organization (WHO) is set to issue a report that confirms the ongoing need for amalgam and outlines the risks of an outright ban on the material, but also sets the stage for phasing down its use worldwide.
Zometa aids patients with head and neck cancer
December 13, 2010 -- The bisphosphonate Zometa appears to reduce bone loss and decrease tumor size in patients with head and neck cancer, according to a study in Cancer Research.  Discuss
W.Va. puts dental clinics in grade schools
December 10, 2010 -- A grassroots effort to address the access-to-care issue in West Virginia has yielded a school-based dental clinic program that is bringing much needed oral health services to the state's most underserved regions.  Discuss
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