Dentists, dental students worldwide resistant to COVID-19 jabs
January 19, 2022 -- Many practicing dentists and dental students throughout the world remain reluctant to receive vaccinations for COVID-19, according to a perspective published online January 17 in the Journal of Dental Sciences. Read More
OSAP converts Boot Camp to virtual event
January 18, 2022 -- The Organization for Safety, Asepsis and Prevention (OSAP) has decided to offer its January 24-26 Boot Camp as a virtual-only event. Read More
Repositioned face masks still cause artifacts on extraoral images
January 14, 2022 -- Repositioning face masks with metal nosepieces below patients' mouths may not be enough to prevent artifacts from forming during extraoral imaging, according to a letter to the editor published on January 6 in Academic Radiology. Read More
New device may quickly, cheaply sterilize dental instruments
January 5, 2022 -- A radical vapor reactor, which eliminates germs by producing high levels of reactive oxygen species, may offer a quick, low-cost way to sterilize dental instruments, according to findings published in the February issue of Process Biochemistry. Read More
Top 10 DrBicuspid stories for 2021
December 23, 2021 -- The pandemic may not have dominated our lives like it did in 2020, but it still influenced many of's top stories for 2021. More than half of our 10 most popular stories, based on member views, had a COVID-19 hook. Read More
My top 5 key compliance resolutions for 2022
December 21, 2021 -- At the beginning of every new year, do you promise to do something new, better, or different? Compliance expert Linda Harvey writes why you should consider vowing to get your regulatory compliance back on an even keel in 2022 and outlines five resolutions to do just that. Read More
Higher costs, future COVID-19 shutdowns weigh on dentists
December 14, 2021 -- As the pandemic continues, dentists remain concerned about higher operating expenses, another COVID-19-related shutdown, and employees' inability to come to work, according to a study published online December 12 in the Journal of the American Dental Association. Read More
Man's pulled wisdom tooth leads to dangerous lung abscess
December 8, 2021 -- A healthy 45-year-old man experienced respiratory failure due to a giant life-threatening lung abscess caused by oral bacteria stemming from a wisdom tooth extraction. The case report was published in the December issue of Chest. Read More
Local exhaust ventilation can control aerosols, droplets
November 29, 2021 -- Dental procedures produce aerosols and droplets that can spread infectious disease. Local exhaust ventilation, however, can be used to control the aerosols, according to a study published recently in the Journal of Dental Research. Read More
COVID-19 testing kits can measure oral microbiome
November 29, 2021 -- COVID-19 testing kits that include preservatives can help researchers measure the oral microbiome, according to a study published on November 18 in NPJ Biofilms and Microbiomes. These tests may be able to reveal a connection between the oral microbiome and COVID-19. Read More