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Dental pain a top reason Medicaid patients given opioids
August 12, 2019 -- Approximately 17% of Medicaid recipients who are prescribed opioids to manage pain receive them for dental reasons, according to a new study. Overall, about half of the Medicaid opioid prescriptions are for either orthopedic or dental-related reasons.  Discuss
Rural dentists prescribe more opioids
August 9, 2019 -- Rural dentists prescribe opioids for pain relief with a significantly greater frequency than nonrural dentists, according to a new study. However, these dentists also prescribe opioid supplies of six to seven days at a lower frequency than other dentists, the researchers found.  Discuss
Mo. limits dentist opioid prescriptions for acute pain
July 30, 2019 -- A new Missouri law limits the amount of opioid tablets dentists can prescribe for acute pain.
U.S. overdose deaths drop for 1st time in 30 years
July 25, 2019 -- The number of drug overdose deaths in the U.S. dropped for the first time since 1990, according to preliminary data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The data suggest that steps to curb the opioid epidemic may be working.  Discuss
5 steps for talking with patients about opioids
July 24, 2019 -- Talking with patients about opioids and pain management is important, but it can be a difficult topic for many providers. Experts discussed how to use motivational interviewing to help make this conversation a little easier during a recent webinar.  Discuss
Study: Practitioners underrate patients' dental anxiety
July 23, 2019 -- How good are you at telling if a patient has dental anxiety? Maybe not as good as you think, as a new study found that dental practitioners rated poorly in their ability to determine a patient's dental anxiety.  Discuss
Study: Pain descriptors may aid in making diagnosis
June 28, 2019 -- Can how patients describe their pain help you determine the underlying cause? Researchers used two sensitivity tests on 228 patients with an acute toothache and also asked them to choose from a list of 22 pain descriptors. They found that the words the patients chose to describe their pain pointed to a diagnosis.  Discuss
Biopharma firm to buy Botox manufacturer for $63B
June 26, 2019 -- Biopharmaceutical company AbbVie has announced an agreement to acquire Allergan, a pharmaceutical company and a manufacturer of Botox.
Insurance data show drop in opioid prescriptions by dentists
June 25, 2019 -- An insurance company studied internal data and found that general dentists reduced the number of days of supplied opioids prescribed by 9% over a three-year period, according to research presented at the 2019 International Association for Dental Research meeting.  Discuss
Dental assistant gets prison sentence for selling opioids
June 21, 2019 -- A dental assistant from Pennsylvania has received a 19-month federal prison sentence for selling oxycodone tablets, according to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.
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While steps are needed to reduce the number of prescribed opioids in the U.S., what about those patients who may already be addicted and at risk? In this Second Opinion, Vikram Tarugu, MD, details a detoxification program that may be appropriate for your patients and your community. Read more.

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