Unlocking the secrets of autistic patients
January 29, 2009 -- BOSTON - Dentists should not rush to sedate their autistic patients, an expert on the condition said at the Yankee Dental Congress on Thursday. While it may take weeks -- even months -- to create a working relationship with these patients, it's well worth the effort.  Discuss
Study finds Invisalign only 41% effective
January 29, 2009 -- Want to work with Invisalign? At first glance it all seems ... clear. Most orthodontic patients prefer a smile full of translucent plastic to the glint of metal. But can it take the place of braces?  Discuss
Minn. shapes future of midlevel providers
January 27, 2009 -- Midlevel dental providers -- aka "superhygienists" -- could soon be performing extractions, restorations, and more in Minnesota. A 13-member work group has submitted its proposal for the creation of an oral health practitioner to the state Legislature.  Discuss
Study finds chilling better than topical anesthetic
January 26, 2009 -- If you twist your ankle or bump your head, you apply ice to numb the pain. And parents have long frozen their babies' teething rings. So why not try the same approach before an injection?  Discuss
It's time to expand our aesthetic horizons
January 23, 2009 -- In her latest column, Dr. Helaine Smith -- aka The Mouth Physician -- encourages the dental community to move beyond crowns and delve into the wonderful world of inlays and onlays.  Discuss
Dentists' role in Sjögren's debated
January 22, 2009 -- The average Sjögren's syndrome patient suffers for seven years before anyone figures out what's wrong. Part of the problem may be that too many dentists know too little about Sjögren's. Another part may be that experts disagree on the role general dentists should play in its treatment.  Discuss
Are alcohol-based mouthwashes safe?
January 21, 2009 -- An Australian professor of oral medicine claims 25 years' worth of research shows a strong correlation between alcohol-containing mouthwashes and oral cancer. But medical and dental experts worldwide disagree -- and it isn't the first time.  Discuss
Why some patients need fastening down
January 20, 2009 -- Think you're too good a dentist to strap your patients down? Think again. Expert pediatric dentists -- and even the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry -- believe there are times when patients are better off "stabilized."  Discuss
Yelp lawsuit dentist speaks out
January 20, 2009 -- A dentist suing an online reviewer for libel said Tuesday that the reviewer may have been angered because he was charged for missing appointments. In an open letter to colleagues that she shared with, Yvonne Wong, D.D.S., called the comments in the review "complete fabrications."  Discuss
Umm ... brush??!!
January 20, 2009 -- In his first Laughing Gas column, dentist and comedian "Jimmy Earll" takes a serious look at the caries management by risk assessment (CAMBRA) model and what some patients claim are genetically "soft teeth."  Discuss
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