Drug in dental trials called 'better than morphine'
March 10, 2010 -- Imagine a drug that has 30 times as much pain-relieving power as morphine but that doesn't addict patients. That's what researchers hope they've found in buprenorphine. And two recent studies have brought the drug closer to the dental office.  Discuss
Did you miss these products at Chicago Midwinter?
March 9, 2010 -- The latest in teeth whiteners, shade-matching software, and clear aligners were just some of the cosmetic product offerings that caught our eye at this year's Chicago Midwinter Meeting.  Discuss
Fla. battle over advertising of dental credentials isn't over
March 8, 2010 -- The state of Florida will reimburse the American Academy of Implant Dentistry $725,000 for legal costs stemming from a lawsuit over dentists' rights to advertise their dental credentials. But a new rule being crafted by the state dental board may make the original court ruling moot.  Discuss
CAD/CAM advances enable customized restorations
March 8, 2010 -- CAD/CAM software that enables dentists to design and fabricate inlays, onlays, crowns, veneers, bridges, and more by using a patient's intact tooth morphology rather than stock images is making its way into the dental office.  Discuss
Dentists' groups question IOM's oral health strategy
March 5, 2010 -- WASHINGTON, DC - Leaders of three dentists' groups Thursday implored the U.S. Institute of Medicine (IOM) to add private practice dentists to two committees that it has charged with analyzing the nation's oral healthcare system.  Discuss
Researchers: Don't touch that carious dentin
March 4, 2010 -- WASHINGTON, DC - Contrary to decades of tradition, dentists should leave carious dentin untouched in many lesions, researchers said Wednesday at the American Association for Dental Research annual meeting.  Discuss
Colo. dental school may face $10 million lawsuit
March 3, 2010 -- A claim filed on behalf of a severely developmentally disabled woman alleges that the extraction of 13 teeth at the University of Colorado Denver School of Dental Medicine was done without appropriate supervision and consent.  Discuss
Technology and timing open new doors for dental assistants
March 2, 2010 -- What does it take to be an outstanding dental assistant? Passion, commitment, and a mentor who is willing to encourage every member of the dental team to reach his or her professional goals.  Discuss
Are short implants getting the short shrift?
March 1, 2010 -- In a lecture at the recent Yankee Dental Congress, a Harvard University professor urged his audience to consider evidence he says shows that short, wide implants are superior to their long, skinny counterparts.  Discuss
At Midwinter Meeting, new products reflect oral care's future
February 26, 2010 -- CHICAGO - In a series of press conferences at the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting, several new products were introduced that their makers claim will significantly impact clinical, preventive, and cosmetic applications in dentistry.  Discuss
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