NJ dental association sues to stop fee capping
April 27, 2010 -- Infuriated by insurers who cap fees for procedures they don't cover, dentists around the U.S. are asking state legislatures to outlaw the practice. Now the New Jersey Dental Association is taking a different approach: suing the insurance companies.  Discuss
Study finds lack of research to support perio laser therapy
April 26, 2010 -- Soft-tissue lasers add no clinical value to the treatment of periodontal disease beyond what can be achieved using scaling, planing, and conventional surgical procedures, according to a lit review in the Journal of the Canadian Dental Association. But a closer look reveals the issue is not so black and white.  Discuss
Researchers try ethanol for bond strength
April 23, 2010 -- If you can preserve fruit in alcohol, why not your patients' teeth? For the past five years, researchers have been exploring the benefits of alcohol -- specifically ethanol -- when added to tooth preparations before the adhesive and found the technique improves bond strength. Now they wonder if it will work in your office as well.  Discuss
Align drops annual case requirement for Invisalign providers
April 22, 2010 -- Reversing a controversial policy put into effect last year, Align Technology announced Thursday that, effective immediately, it will no longer require all dentists who want to be active Invisalign providers to start at least 10 Invisalign cases annually.  Discuss
Clinical impressions of oral lesions not always reliable
April 22, 2010 -- Dental practitioners should not rely solely on clinical impressions when looking at potentially cancerous oral lesions, according to a new study presented at the recent American Association for Dental Research meeting.  Discuss
Genes may increase caries and perio disease risks
April 21, 2010 -- Caries seems to run in families, and some ethnic groups appear to suffer more from it than others. The same goes for periodontal disease. So along with questions about your patients' drug use and brushing habits, should you ask how many teeth their parents have?  Discuss
Colo. dental school ends program for foreign faculty
April 20, 2010 -- The University of Colorado Denver School of Dental Medicine has dropped its Accelerated International Faculty Program in response to concerns that the program was "pushing the envelope" in terms of substituting credentials for coursework.  Discuss
Noncompete clause prompts dentist's lawsuit
April 19, 2010 -- Two Alaska dentists are embroiled in a lawsuit stemming from a noncompete clause in the purchase agreement they signed when one sold their practice to the other. The case calls into question what constitutes "competition" when a federally funded dental clinic that provides free services to the poor is involved.  Discuss
Women, journal readers practice less-invasive dentistry
April 16, 2010 -- Dentists who read peer-reviewed journals practice less-invasive dentistry than their peers, according to a study presented at the recent American Association for Dental Research annual meeting. Another study found that women dentists practice less invasively than their male counterparts.  Discuss
School's decision to cut ties with clinic sparks controversy
April 15, 2010 -- A decision by an Alabama dental school to cut ties with a nonprofit dental clinic is raising questions about the proper role of clinics in providing oral healthcare to underserved populations -- especially when they compete with private practitioners.  Discuss
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