Dental groups fight U.S. healthcare bill's excise tax
September 22, 2010 -- Manufacturers of dental devices are facing a 2.3% tax on most of their products unless lobbying efforts by the ADA, Dental Trade Alliance, and National Association of Dental Laboratories are successful.  Discuss
U.S. periodontitis rates underestimated by 50%
September 21, 2010 -- The number of adults in the U.S. suffering from periodontal disease appears to be significantly higher than previous research has indicated, according to a study published online in the Journal of Dental Research.  Discuss
Unraveling the mysteries of glass ionomers
September 21, 2010 -- What exactly are glass ionomers, and which indications are these unique restorative materials most appropriate for? You might be surprised at the answers.  Discuss
Dental office romances: Worth the risk?
September 20, 2010 -- When a dentist becomes romantically involved with a staff member or patient, the potential for disaster looms large.  Discuss
Texas considers drastic cuts to kids' dental programs
September 17, 2010 -- Texas legislators are considering a range of cuts to children's dental programs as they grapple with a $9.9 billion budget deficit, and the Children's Health Insurance Program could be on the chopping block.  Discuss
1099 tax-reporting measure a go despite efforts to stop it
September 16, 2010 -- The U.S. Senate has defeated efforts to eliminate a controversial tax-reporting provision from the new healthcare reform law that will require small businesses to report purchases of more than $600 per year to the Internal Revenue Service.  Discuss
CBCT radiation risks higher for orthodontic patients
September 16, 2010 -- With the majority of orthodontic patients being young teens who often undergo full-head imaging before, during, and after treatment, there is concern that using cone-beam CT (CBCT) in every case exposes them to dangerous amounts of radiation.  Discuss
Isolation devices: No man is an island, but his teeth should be
September 15, 2010 -- With adhesive dentistry now the standard of care, a composite or all-ceramic crown bonded in a wet field won't stay put long enough to check the occlusion. In fact, proper isolation/evacuation is one of the most underrated factors affecting the longevity of restorations.  Discuss
Hu-Friedy contest winners show orthodontics' creative side
September 14, 2010 -- Offered the chance to win thousands of dollars worth of dental instruments, what would you create from a bunch of orthodontic wire? The latest winners of the Hu-Friedy wire-bending contest share their stories and what inspired their unique sculptures.  Discuss
At-home whitening can yield same results as in-office
September 13, 2010 -- Dentist-prescribed at-home whitening can produce similar outcomes to in-office bleaching -- and at far less expense, according to a randomized study in Operative Dentistry.  Discuss
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