Dentist extols the rewards of working with elderly patients
July 21, 2008 -- The number of Americans over age 65 is exploding -- and with it the demand for geriatric dentistry. In a recent lecture, special care expert Gregory Folse, D.D.S., shared tips of the trade -- from the most effective forceps to new strategies for reimbursement.  Discuss
CBCT: First choice for preoperative diagnosis?
July 18, 2008 -- When it comes to looking below the gum line and deep into the mandibular canal, anything that helps you get a better view is essential. Two recent studies indicate that cone-beam CT scanners are superior to conventional periapical x-rays in certain cases.  Discuss
Articaine superior to lidocaine for anesthesia, survey finds
July 17, 2008 -- Articaine had more than nine times the anesthetic success than lidocaine in a 10-study meta-analysis conducted by University of Iowa researchers. But key differences between the studies cast doubt on the significance of these findings.  Discuss
ADA and Congress face off over amalgam separators
July 16, 2008 -- In hearings last week on Capitol Hill, the ADA reiterated its position that requiring all U.S. dentists to install amalgam separators in their offices would be an unnecessary financial burden. But government officials and public advocacy groups believe that cost is not the real issue.  Discuss
Study catches dentists dirty-handed
July 15, 2008 -- Most dentists aren't following the hand hygiene recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a study of New York practitioners found. Are they putting their patients at risk?  Discuss
Oral piercings: Where fashion and dentistry clash
July 14, 2008 -- Being a teen's dentist is not easy. You're already battling problems such as crystal meth use, smoking, questionable eating habits, and even diabetes. Now a new study has pushed an old enemy to the forefront: oral piercings.  Discuss
Beyond x-rays: Part III -- OCT brings early decay to light
July 11, 2008 -- Optical coherence tomography (OCT) can image both hard and soft dental tissue with 10 times the detail of x-rays. But will the price tag put it out of reach for most dentists?  Discuss
Congressional hearing on amalgam wastewater gets personal
July 9, 2008 -- Representatives from the American Dental Association got a less-than-friendly reception from members of Congress on Tuesday during a hearing on environmental concerns related to amalgam wastewater.  Discuss
Lie to the dentist? Not me. Never.
July 9, 2008 -- A new survey shows about half of patients lie to their dentist. But a little fibbing doesn't have to stand in the way of good dental care, if providers learn how to pose their questions -- and when not to pose them at all.  Discuss
Dentists ignoring high-risk patients' needs, survey finds
July 9, 2008 -- Dentists know that some patients are at higher risk for caries than others. But research presented at the recent International Association for Dental Research (IADR) conference found that most aren't following professional guidelines for optimum care of these patients.  Discuss
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