Good nutrition critical for head and neck cancer patients
October 26, 2011 -- Maintaining good nutrition and sufficient calorie intake is critical for head and neck cancer patients undergoing treatment. Dental professionals can help cancer patients control common side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, including oral mucositis, xerostomia, dysgeusia, and dysphagia.  Discuss
U.K. dentist denounces 'porcelain pornography'
October 26, 2011 -- Patients who come in for cosmetic work are often seeking the perfect smile, but some dentists are compromising sound enamel and dentin to give patients unnecessary porcelain crowns and veneers -- a practice one dentist calls "porcelain pornography."  Discuss
Is dentistry facing an ethical dilemma?
October 25, 2011 -- The public's perception of dentistry is being tarnished by practitioners whose focus is overly commercial or self-promotional and those who prescribe excessive treatments, according to a lecture on ethics at the recent ADA annual session.  Discuss
Durian fruit extract has antibacterial mouth rinse potential
October 24, 2011 -- Durian fruit, popular in Southeast Asia, has a tough, spiky rind that appears to have some positive oral hygiene implications. In a study presented at the recent ADA annual session, a team of Thai researchers found that it is nontoxic, reduces bad breath, and reduces bacteria in the oral cavity.  Discuss
Near-infrared imaging IDs early approximal caries
October 21, 2011 -- Near-infrared transillumination can aid in the early detection and diagnosis of approximal caries, with greater sensitivity and specificity than bitewing radiographs, according to a new study in Dentomaxillofacial Radiology.  Discuss
Calif. tells clinics to return dental Medicaid money
October 20, 2011 -- The agency that runs California's Medi-Cal program wants community clinics to pay back Medicaid reimbursements it made for adult dental services over the last year during a legal dispute over cuts to Medi-Cal benefits.  Discuss
Beyond Practice Management: Production down?
October 20, 2011 -- Any change, even for the better, is accompanied by drawbacks and discomfort. But when times are tough and production is down, here are some changes worth considering as you evaluate your practice in search of ways to improve the bottom line.  Discuss
FQHCs offer second home for retired dentists
October 19, 2011 -- Healthcare reform funding will double the number of federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) in the U.S., according to a presentation last week at the ADA annual session. In addition to providing care for the underserved, FQHCs also supply valuable training for dental students and a "second home" for many retired dentists.  Discuss
Hydrogel patch aids in healing mouth wounds
October 18, 2011 -- A new option is available for helping patients recover from everything from oral surgery to a nasty cheek bite. The PerioPatch is a hydrogel barrier with an effective adhesive that keeps it where it is placed in the mouth -- and speeds up the healing process, according to the manufacturer.  Discuss
DentaQuest announces Oral Health Initiative 2014 awards
October 18, 2011 -- The DentaQuest Foundation is moving forward with efforts to spur a national movement to reverse oral health disparities in the U.S. by awarding 20 state organizations funding and resources through its Oral Health 2014 Initiative.  Discuss
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