Patients got hepatitis, HIV from lax infection control, suit claims
March 3, 2020 -- Three patients who claim they were infected with hepatitis C and HIV from dirty dental instruments are suing the public health clinics in Texas where they underwent procedures, according to a news report. Read More
The impact of coronavirus on dental practitioners: Protecting your patients, practice, and the public
February 13, 2020 -- Global emergencies such as the new coronavirus provide a trigger to review health and safety standards in our practices. Maintaining hygiene standards at all times is essential, writes Michelle Strange, MSDH, RDH. Be aware of patients in poor respiratory health, follow protocols, and keep your practice virus-free, she advises. Read More
Man nearly dies after using nail to pick popcorn from teeth
January 8, 2020 -- Using a metal nail and other objects to dislodge popcorn from between his teeth may have caused a U.K. man's potentially fatal blood infection that led him to undergo a lengthy surgery, according to news reports. Read More
Perio disease linked to worse maternal, newborn outcomes
December 23, 2019 -- A recent study has linked periodontal disease during pregnancy to worse health outcomes for both mothers and their children. The authors called for more oral health outreach efforts to address this preventable and treatable health-related pregnancy risk. Read More
Tenn. practice may have exposed patients to HIV, hepatitis
December 18, 2019 -- Patients may have been exposed to bloodborne infectious diseases, including HIV and hepatitis B and C, at a Tennessee dental practice that failed to properly sterilize tools and equipment. The state recommends patients who were treated at the practice's two offices during the last three years get tested, according to news reports. Read More
Dental care may be crucial for patients on dialysis
December 18, 2019 -- Poor oral health may be linked to worse heart health for patients with end-stage renal disease. A study found that patients on hemodialysis had significantly worse oral health than their peers and that these patients may also be at risk for arteriosclerosis. Read More
Review suggests link between perio disease, obesity
December 12, 2019 -- Does body weight affect the likelihood that a patient may have periodontal disease? Evidence suggests it does, according to a recent review published in the British Dental Journal. Read More
Ore. clinic admits dirty instruments used on patients
December 11, 2019 -- A healthcare provider that manages a health clinic in Oregon has admitted that a dentist there used instruments that weren't properly sterilized on six patients in November, according to a local news report. Read More
URI scientist awarded $2.2M grant to study oral bacteria
December 3, 2019 -- The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' National Institutes of Health has awarded a five-year $2.2 million grant to a scientist at the University of Rhode Island (URI) to study oral bacteria. Read More
Podcast: How to start talking to patients about the oral-systemic connection
November 7, 2019 -- There is no question that there is a direct link between oral health and overall health. However, many dental professionals may have difficulty communicating that connection to patients. In this podcast, dental pharmacology expert Tom Viola, RPh, talks about how to start the conversation and the important role dental professionals play in patients' oral and overall health. Read More